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Life Insurance Answers

How Your Policy Works

When preparing to buy life insurance you would likely tend to focus on things that you consider very important to your decision.

If you are married with dependent children you want to know which is the most suitable policy to buy considering the needs of your spouse and children.

What type of coverage is best for you and your family? If you are a single parent you will want answers as to what is the best policy for your situation.

An unmarried person with no children would want to know whether s/he has any need for a policy that pays a death benefit.

Business owners need to think about how the business would survive if one of the shareholders should die. What of partnerships, could the business continue after the death of a key partner?

What of the families of the deceased, how will they continue? What if a key executive should die or become disabled? Could the business continue at it's accustomed efficient level?

Everyone Needs Life Insurance At Some Point

  • All married people, young or more advanced in protect the spouse.
  • Married people with dependent protect spouse and children.
  • Single protect their children.
  • Single people with no pay final expenses.
  • Sole protect their family.
  • Business protect surviving partners and family.
  • Small corporation protect surviving family and stockholders.
  • Any business with a key protect the business.
  • Wealthy offset Estate Taxes.

This site will set you on the right path regarding these questions. Most people, if they do not already know, want to find out what life insurance is all about and why someone in their particular situation should buy a policy. Here is the place to find out.

What I will attempt to do on this site is to give readers easy access to the answers to every conceivable question regarding your life policies

You will find out why a parent would buy a policy and why a person in business, regardless of the type of business, would consider such a purchase.

You will learn whether a single person needs a policy or not. When you reach close to the age of retirement do you still need a policy?

I will also take some time to delve into the mechanics of each type of policy and how you would apply them to your particular situation.

All policies don't fit all people. There are many types of life insurance policies and each one fits different types of needs.

There are great differences in cost whether you are looking to purchase term insurance, universal life or whole life. Each type can be effectively applied to individual needs. Your choice depends on your particular situation.

Most people know a little about term insurance. You know, you pay a small premium and upon your death your loved ones receive the face amount of the policy.

There are many different types of term life policies and each one is intended to fit specific needs. The same with whole life policies and universal life policies. Which would best fit your situation? You will get the answer to this question as well.

Is the lump sum the best way to receive your insurance proceeds when your spouse dies, or is a monthly payment a better deal? Will the monthly payments ever be depleted?

Will you end up receiving more, or less if you should take an income? My years of experience in this business has exposed me to situations where people receive very large sums on the death of loved ones.

Six months down the line some have effectively invested the money. The other side of the picture is that some people have nothing to show for their recent windfall at that time. I will give you some true life examples of the successful situations as well as some of the disasters.

What of taxes when the beneficiary receives payment? Are the proceeds subject to Federal Income Taxes? We will answer all these questions and in addition we will guide you to the best places to get your policy.

All life insurance companies are not the same. Their policies don't cost the same and the benefits can also be vastly different. We will discuss that as well.

Life insurance answers was set up with the explicit purpose of assisting you in making an informed decision when purchasing your life insurance coverage.

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